Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yes, She Did (a poem)

I invoke the strength of those who did what they had to do
Who saw no other way but up
Who sacrificed and struggled against tremendous odds
They were hopeful
The fact that they were Black
And Women
Black, Poor, Women
Didn’t stop them from trying
From moving forward
It didn’t defer their dreams in any way
They moved ahead
Let the bigotry
The sexism
Roll right off their back
Kept their heads down
Kept plowing through the muck
And did it with so much class
That Black Woman style
Yes, miss lady I’ve got a piece of that resilience tucked behind these shy eyes
And while they’re mistaking my silence for weakness
I’m moving in for the kill
They’re left with their mouths hanging open
Thinking, what just happened here?
Did she just…
And I’m nodding yes.
Yes, she did.

©2008 JAMuslimah

1 comment:

muslimahlocs said...

i love zora neale hurston. what a beautiful person and spirit to invoke.