Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yu See Me? (A poem/rant by me)

The Dream:
Some women are looking for love
For a fantasy
They seek to be swept away like a dream
Giddy with raw emotion
Drunk off the feelings of love
The thrill of it all
Passion to overtake them

What I want is something a little quieter
A little less dramatic
Less romantic (some say)
I just want some respect and a lot of understanding
I don’t want him to look at me with a blank, bored, disinterested gaze when I’m speaking to him
I don’t want to stumble over words
Fragmented sentences
Stuttering trying to get him to feel me
No man, none of that for the queen.
I don’t want him to look at the Caribbean novels I read
My obsession with Italian ice cram
My love of exotic bath oils
And find me some strange specimen who slunk into his life one day
He’s got to feel me or the whole thing is off
He’s got a understand me
He’s gotta respect me
Or we’re not getting down

Some women are looking for adoration
His eyes made only for them
His thoughts preoccupied with the twist of her waist
Or the curl of her lips
The beauty and glamour
The infatuation with her being

Me Again:
But I’m just sayin’
I’m thinking about the complicated thoughts I have sometimes
My frustration with the world
My 10,001 opinions on everything from elections to music
He’s gotta feel me on that one
Or it’s like
What’s this all for?
And what am I doing here?
And who is this man staring back at me?

I’m talking about you and I in the kitchen
Side by side
Preparing dinner
And talking about current events
Not so glamourous you may say
But that’s what makes my toes curl baby

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just different
Like wearing an abaya on Miami Beach
I’m just doing what feels right to me even if it’s not consistent with the norm
And I’m not afraid to ask for what I want
Even if it’s different from the fairytale I’ve been sold my entire life
And I’m not afraid to demand it
Or wait many years for it
Or suffer the pains trying to get it
In the end I’ll get what’s coming to me
This I know

©2008 JAMuslimah


Anonymous said...

I think its cool that how you are able to express yourself. But you can't always expect someone to just "Get You". It's like some of your friend get you and others dont. Let him "Get You" in his own way. Things are still VERY NEW. FYI the clinique happy is off the chain. Girl I am lovin' it. Plus I got a nice gift bag.

Jamerican Muslimah said...

anonymous, This is a POEM. It's an artistic expression. It's not necessairly about me or my situation.

As for my husband, he actually does "get me". *wink*