Monday, February 18, 2008

10 Random Thoughts

1) There’s a man who calls the adhan at Jumah but it sounds like a song. I mean really, like a song- with the falsetto voice and everything! I’ve never heard anyone call the adhan that way. It’s almost hilarious. If I wasn’t Muslim I’d think it was a hymn. I’d ask someone, “Are you guys required to sing a hymn before the sermon starts?” Seriously…

2) Speaking of Jumah, the person who gave the kutbah on Friday talked about how much America needs Islam. He then went on say that “we” made the choice to come to this country and as a result, “we” are obligated to give the American people dawah. I was sitting there thinking, not all of us made the choice to come here, let’s get it right brother! If you want me to really talk it plain then I’d have to say that I don’t feel like the majority of Muslim immigrants do a very good job of giving dawah to non-Muslims. From what I’ve seen, many Muslim immigrants don’t know how to talk to the average non-Muslim about Islam. (Not on a comprehensive level anyway). They have no idea what it’s like to be a non-Muslim and can’t seem to understand why people would want to be anything other than Muslim. More often than not they speak from a position of superiority. And if you want me to be really, real with you I’d have to tell you that many Muslim immigrants seem to be primairly focused on giving dawah to White Americans. They feel so proud to have White Muslims in our midst. A shining moment for the Muslim community! By the same token, they don’t seem to have any interest in giving dawah to African-Americans or Chicanos. (Not that I think they would even know how relate to either group anyway).

3) BTW, I’m boycotting the ISNA convention this year.

4) We went to see “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” this weekend. I laughed until my stomach hurt! Martin is still funny as ever but Mike Epps stole the show. Sadly enough, I could relate to Martin’s character because I have family members like that.

5) Speaking of Martin, does anyone remember the character Jerome from Martin’s sit-com? Well, the maintenance man in my apartment complex reminds me of him. The resemblance is uncanny. He talks and acts like him too!

6) I was in line at the grocery store and I noticed the cashier kept staring at me. When I got to the front of the line she asked me where I was from. Since I didn’t want to confuse her by sharing my West Indian heritage I said, “Chicago”. She frowned and asked, “Why you wearing that on your head then?” I told her that I’m Muslim and then explained the purpose of hijab. She didn’t quite seem to get how I could be from Chicago and Muslim at the same time but she loved it when I told her the hijab distinguishes me from the non-Muslim women. She said, “I feel you. That’s how I am. I like to stand out in the crowd too!” I smiled and told her to have a good day. I look forward to seeing her again.

7) Can I just say it again, alhamdulillah, I love Imam Faheem Shuaibe! We listened to his online/teleconference seminar entitled, “The Reality of Love and Communication” last Wednesday. (Very informative)! Insha’allah he will give lectures the second Wednesday of every month. I can’t wait!

8) I’m so tired of men being commended for taking care of their kids. Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do anyway? No one commends women for hanging in there and taking care of the kids. That's like commending me for taking a shower everyday. Shouldn't I do that anyway?

9) Speaking of which, I'm absolutely stunned by the number of people who are STILL- in this day and age of HIV/AIDS, HPV, and STIs- having sex with multiple partners and using no protection. That includes Muslims who are falling in and out of marriages with no testing and little conversation about sexual health.

10) The city I moved to is boring and slow. I feel like I'm trapped in the movie Varsity Blues. Insha'allah we will be moving in November as promised. I'm a city girl to my heart and this just aint gonna cut it!

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Keep on keeping it real!

You've commented on my blog: Confessions of a Funky Ghetto Hijabi before. I've just started up a new blog (not much original content yet) called Being Black, Being Muslim: Intersections and Contraditions. I'm also doing a commentary on a local community radio station here in Ottawa, Canada by the same name. It's about negociating my identity as a Black Muslim woman in a sometimes/often/always racist Muslim community and a sometimes/often/always Black community. I live in Canada. It's rough here!
Here's the URL: Hey, why are you boycotting the ISNA conference? love to here the real scoop on that random thought.
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