Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Quitting my job and other news

My job:

So, I did it. I quit my job today! I have to be honest and admit that I was nervous. I punked out in the morning but by afternoon I knew I had to do something. I exhaled and then I just walked into my boss's office and asked to speak with her. I told her I was moving to another state and that I was giving her notice of my desicion to leave the organization. Since I know she (and another co-worker of mine) are going on vacation, I told her I would stay until they return. After I finished speaking with her I braced myself for her reaction. (When my former co-worker left my boss pitched a big fit, slamming doors and all.) Much to my surprise she didn't do any of that. She seemed pleasant about the whole thing. I joked that she must be happy for me to go. Hmm...who knows.

A synopsis of me:

Have you ever taken a personality test and it was absolutely accurate? I read this about myself and was stunned by the accuracy.

She can be ultra-feminine, flirtatious and charming enough to make a man feel like a giant grizzly bear who can protect her from the cold, cruel world. Or she can be icy, quiet and aloof, sitting securely on her marble pedestal and challenging you to be clever enough to win her superior hand. Whichever personality she projects, underneath her womanly wiles or her practical, sensible manner, she has the same goal-a steely determination to snag the right man, who can become important, make her proud and be a good father to her children.

In other news:

It's difficult being a hijabi in this day and age. People really have no idea what kinds of foolishness we have to endure. (Including the people who think they can walk over us). I'm proud of this sister for being proactive and for not letting her experience interfere with her desire to attend medical school. May Allah protect and guide her. Check out the story:

Religious insensitivity greets alum in med school interview - Campus News

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