Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back on the Block

Yes, I simply couldn't take it any longer. I had to create another blog where I can just talk about life. My other blogs discuss fashion and the search for marriage. But I wanted a space where I could talk about whatever is on my mind. Sometimes politics, sometimes my day-to-day stresses, sometimes social issues, sometimes religion and whatever else I'm feeling. Writing is therapeutic...

I'm currently reading the book pictured above by Amy Dubois-Barnett. So far I'm feeling very inspired. When I think about it, I've often played it safe and never took much risk in pursuing my dreams. In the back of my mind I didn't think I had the luxury to do so. As a Black woman (and a Muslimah) I always feel like I have certain responsibilities that I need to tend to first. I tell myself that I need to be practical. And if I'm honest I can admit that it's scary to make major life changes, it's scary to start over and it's scary to step into the unknown. I have started asking myself, what do you really want? What are your dreams? And what obstacles (self-imposed and otherwise) are preventing you from pursuing your dreams? Most importantly, WHAT DO I WANT?

I want:

(1) To study under a learned, balanced Islamic scholar who has an understanding of the challenges American Muslims face. He or she also has to be able to relate to a woman like me. If that is not possible then I want to take a class online or travel to weekend classes.

(2) To work for an organization that has a serious commitment to social justice and unlearning racism. Alhamdulillah, I currently volunteer as a facilitator for small group discussions through the YWCA Racial Justice Program. I really enjoy hearing how people feel about race, racism, and ethnicity. More importantly, I'm so committed to this issue and really want to do more in the way of learning and teaching other people.

(3)To have a mentor. I feel that I could benefit from the advice, direction and wisdom of an elder. I'm not sure where I will find one but I really need a older sister whom I can trust and will be there as a sincere friend and adviser.

These three things are all achievable. I'm not asking for the moon. I suppose the question is, what will I do to make these dreams a reality?

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